ISL Standings 2023-24 Season – Points Table

The Indian Super League 2023-24 is coming soon and this is all you need to know about it. One of the most important things that you need to understand is that the ISL standings basically mean the team’s position according to other teams’ performances. It is also called the points table for very obvious reasons. To keep track of the points table, ISL standings is the right way to do it and a lot of people are interested in checking the position of their favorite team in the table. More information about where to check it and the main website where you can find information and details about the tournament is given in the article below.

ISL Standings

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and India is not behind when it comes to contributing to the popularity. The main reason behind the fact is that a lot of states in India are really passionate about football and having their own teams play in the Indian super league is something that they have always only dreamed about until 9 seasons ago. Ever since the beginning of the Indian super league, it has gained popularity in no time and that just goes to say how many people anticipate this tournament.

Indian Super League 2023-24 Details

The 10th season of the Indian Super League is going to begin during the last quarter of 2023 and will go on until the first quarter of 2024. One of the most important things that you need to know about this year’s tournament is the fact that instead of 11 teams, there are a total of 12 teams that will compete for the title. ATK Mohun Bagan is the team that is the defending champions and they will try their best to retain as well that is why this competition is going to be tough and a lot of things are going to battle to get the top spot. The winner of the I-League season has qualified for this year’s Indian super league as it was told. In order to know which team is better in the points table than other teams, ISL Standings is what you should check. More about the tournament and the teams that every single club selects will be updated as the tournament comes closer.

In the most general functioning of the Indian super league, it has 11 clubs and each of the tournaments basically runs from October to March. Since a new team has been added, the number of matches has also increased but not drastically so the previous surveys can be trusted. The new team that has been added is RoundGlass Punjab FC and it is a huge moment for Punjab. They have reached the finals of the 2023 I-League and also won the finals which is the reason why the one slot which was reserved for the winners of the I-League went to RoundGlass Punjab FC. The fact that the tournament is going to begin later in this year is the reason why not a lot of information has yet been revealed. Being one of the most popular tournaments to happen in India throughout the year, it has got a lot of potential.

How to watch ISL 2023-24?

The Indian Super League 10th season is going to be available on Hotstar for you to watch live and enjoy all the action. Not only are Indian football players a part of this tournament but also a lot of foreign players are also part of it. If you want a brief about how that works, most of the teams have five foreign players that are not necessary to play all the matches for their respective teams but a lot of these players have a lot to contribute. Overall, everything that boils down in ISL is very interesting to watch and all of the action can be caught up with by using a subscribed Hotstar. ISL Standings will also be something you stay updated with since Hotstar has the option to see the points tables of all tournaments they are broadcasting.

As you may have noticed the word “subscribed”, there are ways to view the match or stay updated with the match without doing any sort of monetary transactions. First of all, if you have the channel in your TV DTH, then you will be able to view all the matches whenever it’s happening. This procedure is not exactly free either and you would have to subscribe to that channel according to our plan for the DTH. In fact, the easiest way and the free way to do so is to go to a third-party website which is streaming the match simultaneously with how it is happening on television or Hotstar. For example, when you search for live streaming of a particular match by naming the teams that are playing, there are huge chances that you will find a website that is doing so without you paying them, instead watching a few of their ads.

How to stay updated with ISL Match Score & ISL Standings?

Presuming that this is the reason why you clicked on this article; to get the information of how to check any details about the tournament that would be beginning around October or September. To check ISL Standings as of that particular day, you can go to any of the sports websites. Make sure that you know the fact that it can also be called a “points table”. This basically will give you a table, seeing which you can decipher the ISL Standings. Checking the live score procedure is almost the same. NDTV Sports,, the official website of the Indian Super League are 3 among many websites that can keep you updated with the ISL Standings, basically what you are looking for if you have come to read this article.

ISL live Streaming

The anticipation of the tournament is so high especially now that RoundGlass Punjab FC has also been included. It will be really interesting to see how they perform in the big league and how ATK Mohun Bagan defends. By using the information about points achieved by a particular team, you can easily be able to understand their ISL standings in the table. I hope you enjoyed reading.


How often are the ISL standings updated?

The ISL standings are updated regularly after each match. As matches are played throughout the season, the standings reflect the latest results, points earned, and team positions in the league table.

What criteria are used to determine the team rankings in the ISL standings?

The team rankings in the ISL standings are determined primarily by the number of points earned. Teams are awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. In case of a tie in points, the tiebreaker criteria may include goal difference, goals scored, head-to-head results, and other factors specified by the league.

How does the ISL playoff system work?

The ISL playoff system involves the top-ranked teams from the league stage competing in the playoffs to determine the champion. Typically, the top four teams in the standings qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs consist of two-legged matches, including semifinals and a final, where the winners progress to the next stage based on aggregate scores.

Can the standings change significantly during the later stages of the ISL season?

Yes, the standings can change significantly during the later stages of the ISL season. As teams continue to play matches, their positions in the standings may fluctuate based on their performance and the outcomes of other teams’ matches. A winning streak or a series of losses can impact the standings and potentially alter the team rankings.

Where can I find the most recent ISL standings?

You can find the most recent ISL standings on the official ISL website, which regularly updates the standings section. Additionally, sports news websites, sports apps, and television channels covering the ISL also provide up-to-date standings information.

Remember to refer to official sources or trusted sports news platforms for the latest and accurate ISL standings.

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