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Kerala Blasters Jersey – Football T Shirt

In representing your sports team or any team, a jersey plays a very important role. Each game has its own kind of jersey. However, Jersey is used to representing your team member and also provides uniqueness from the opponent. Let us about the jersey of Kerala blasters in the Indian super league as it is… Read More »

Kerala Blasters Transfer News 2022-23

Kerala Blasters Transfer News is what a lot of people around the internet have been looking for. Undoubtedly, Kerala blasters, in fact, is one of the most popular teams to play in the ISL. Considering the fact that they have been in the tournament for as long as the tournament existed, is enough to know… Read More »

Kerala Blasters Fixtures 2022, Schedule

Kerala Blasters Fixtures is what a lot of people on the Internet have been looking for. The main reason behind this fact is that a lot of these people are football fans from India and Indian Super League is the biggest football tournament that happens every single year in India. News about the tournament that… Read More »

Kerala Blasters Players 2022 Name, Age, Salary Details

Kerala Blasters Players 2022 Name, Age, Salary Details: The 2022-23 Indian super league is coming soon and is the 9th season of the football league that is most famous in India. There are different clubs from different cities and states. A total of 11 players play against each other in the tournament and that is… Read More »