ISL Players Salary 2022-23

By | August 3, 2022

ISL Players Salary 2022-23: ISL is a popular league that gain huge attention from the public. Watching a live football match in India is something people have never expected to happen. Well, Football is a very popular game and people love watching it around the globe.

ISL Live Streaming

But somewhere, the popularity of Football in India is not as much as cricket. The biggest reason for this thing is that the National team has not achieved something bigger in this area. But ISL is an amazing platform for many football lovers and they are making an effort to reach that level.

ISL is also helpful to make a strong national team by getting a trial of players from different places. Well, every player gets a different salary amount to play ISL and if you want to know ISL Player’s Salaries then just stay with us in this article.

ISL Players Salary 2022-23

ISL Live Streaming

Well, if talk about the player’s Salary in ISL then you should know that every player gets a different salary amount. The salary amount mainly depends on the bidding of the players that the club owner is making to get a particular player.

ISL Players Salary

There is also a role of foreign players in this league and that is somewhere a big reason for its popularity in this league. The bidding decides the player’s salary, the best players always get a high bid and have the chance of getting more salary than others.

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The players are also traded in ISL and that is also an income opportunity for the players. Every player gets their salary as per the bidding made by their club after the deduction of tax. The Salary amount also gets changed every year for some players because every team wants to make a stronger team with some strong players.

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ISL Mumbai City Player’s Salary

M. Nawaz ₹ 20.83M
G. Singh ₹ 10.42M
Vignesh D ₹ 12.50M
M. Desai ₹ 18.75M
Valpuia ₹ 8.33M
M. Singh ₹ 8.33M
A. Ranawade ₹ 12.50M
M. Fall ₹ 31.25M
N. Shetty ₹ 2.08M
V. Singh ₹ 2.08M
P.Lachenpa ₹ 8.33M
Cassinho ₹ 12.50M
B. Inman ₹ 16.66M
Apuia ₹ 16.66M
R. Fernandes ₹ 18.75M
C. Horam ₹ 8.33M
N. Singh ₹ 8.33M
R. Borges ₹ 16.66M
A. Jahouh ₹ 31.25M
M. Rakip ₹ 12.50M
H. Singh ₹ 14.58M
R.Bheke ₹ 14.58M
P. Bhumji ₹ 8.33M
I. Angulo ₹ 16.66M
V. Pratap Singh ₹ 10.42M
B. Singh ₹ 20.83M
Asif Khan ₹ 2.08M

ATK Mohun Bagan Player’s Salary

Player Market Value
A. Singh ₹22.91M
K. Nassiri ₹ 2.08M
A. Suryavanshi ₹ 2.08M
A. Mehta ₹ 8.33M
P. Das ₹ 14.58M
P. Kotal ₹ 18.75M
S. Bose ₹ 14.58M
S. Rathi ₹ 8.33M
Tiri ₹ 35.41M
S. Pramanik ₹ 2.08M
A. Shaikh ₹ 2.08M
A. Paul ₹ 4.17M
M. Molla ₹ 2.08M
H. Boumous ₹ 47.91M
B. Singh ₹ 4.17M
Sk Sahil ₹ 8.33M
R. Shabong ₹ 8.33M
D. Tangri ₹ 10.42M
L. Rodrigues ₹ 12.50M
C. McHugh ₹ 27.08M
J. Kauko ₹ 33.33M
N. Singh ₹ 2.08M
M. Soosairaj ₹ 8.33M
R. Krishna ₹ 29.16M
S. Lalmuanpuia ₹ 6.25M
L. Colaco ₹ 14.58M
M. Singh ₹ 16.66M
D. Williams ₹ 29.16M

Kerala Blaster Player’s Salary

Players Market Value
Sanjeev Stalin ₹6.25M
Hormipam R ₹10.42M
Chencho Gyeltshen ₹16.66M
Alvaro Vazquez ₹33.33M
Jorge Pereyra Diaz ₹45.83M
Enes Sipovic ₹22.91M
Adrian Luna ₹74.99M
Harmanjot Khabra ₹14.58M
Marko Leskovic ₹12.50M
Vincy Barretto ₹10.42M
Subha Ghosh ₹6.25M
Naorem Mahesh Singh ₹10.42M
Shahajas T ₹6.25M
Anil Gaonkar
Gaurav K
Sreekuttan VS
Sachin Suresh
Bijoy V
Sukham Yoihenba Meitei

NorthEast United FC Player’s Salary

Player Market Value
P. Gogoi ₹ 4.17M
Ponif Vaz ₹ 6.25M
J. Zhorliana ₹ 6.25M
P.Lakra ₹ 6.25M
G. Kumar ₹ 8.33M
T. Singh ₹ 8.33M
N. Rabha ₹ 6.25M
J. George ₹ 6.25M
M. Irshad ₹ 6.25M
N. Deka ₹ 2.08M
S. Ghosh ₹ 4.17M
S. Chowdhury ₹ 8.33M
D. Brown ₹ 25.00M
Danmawia ₹ 4.17M
E. Lalchhanchhuaha ₹ 4.17M
Rochharzela ₹ 10.42M
F. Gallego ₹ 22.91M
L.. Fanai ₹ 6.25M
M. Thangalakath ₹ 8.33M
S. Singh ₹ 8.33M
H. Santana ₹ 25.00M
I.Khan ₹ 6.25M
K. Camara ₹ 22.91M
Lalkhawpuimawia ₹ 8.33M
W. Lalnunfela ₹ 8.33M
Suhair VP ₹ 12.50M

Bengaluru FC Player’s Salary

G. Singh Sandhu ₹ 20.83M
S. Golui ₹ 12.50M
N. Singh ₹ 6.25M
P. Shrivas ₹ 6.25M
A. Kumar ₹ 8.33M
W. Muirang ₹ 4.17M
P. Chaudhari ₹ 8.33M
Y. Musavu-King ₹ 25.00M
A. Costa ₹ 43.74M
Sharon P ₹ 2.08M
L. Sharma ₹ 2.08M
B. Darjee ₹ 4.17M
N. Bhutia ₹ 4.17M
Bruno Ramires ₹ 33.33M
A. Morajkar ₹ 4.17M
R. Kumar ₹ 6.25M
A. Chhetri ₹ 6.25M
J. Rane ₹ 10.42M
S. Singh ₹ 16.66M
E. Paartalu ₹ 20.83M
I. Basafa ₹ 22.91M
A. Singh ₹ 2.08M
M. Inayath ₹ 2.08M
B. Darjee ₹ 4.17M

Chennaiyin FC Player’s Salary

N. Das ₹ 14.58M
S. Singh ₹ 4.17M
D. Devrani ₹ 12.50M
S. Damjanovic ₹ 25.00M
A. Nawab ₹ 2.08M
B. Ganesan ₹ 2.08M
B. Revanth ₹ 2.08M
D. Dabas ₹ 2.08M
S. Mitra ₹ 4.17M
D. Majumdar ₹ 8.33M
V. Kaith ₹ 16.66M
S. Majhi
M. Assisi
A. Thapa ₹ 14.58M
G. Ganesh ₹ 6.25M
G. Singh ₹ 8.33M
A. Borysiuk ₹ 25.00M
D. Singh ₹ 2.08M
Remi ₹ 4.17M
E. Vanspaul ₹ 10.42M
R. Singh ₹ 12.50M
J. Lalrinzuala ₹ 14.58M
J. Justin ₹ 4.17M
A. Chetri ₹ 6.25M
L. Gikiewicz ₹ 8.33M
Rahim Ali ₹ 10.42M
N. Meetei ₹ 8.33M
M. Murzaev ₹ 25.00M
L. Chhangte ₹ 18.75M
M. Lanzarote ₹ 12.50M
S. Pasha ₹ 4.17M
V. Koman ₹ 20.83M
R. Crivellaro ₹ 22.91M


So we hope that the information is clear to you about the salary of ISL players. The amount gets changed because the contract gets terminated after the decided period. So you need to visit the official website to get updated with the relevant news on ISL players’ salaries.

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Who is the highest-paid player in ISL?

Ans. Well, there is a huge list of players getting a good amount in ISL but if we talk about the highest amount then Hugo Houmous from Mumbai City FC to ATK Mohun Bagan.

What is the average salary of the players in the ISL league?

Ans. Well, the salary amount varies from player to player depending on the action. But if we talk about an approximate amount then it is about 50 – 60 lakhs per year.

Who is the richest Indian footballer?

Ans. The richest Indian footballer is Sunil Chhetri who is playing football at a national level for so long years.

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