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The Indian Super League is one of the most famous football leagues in India and being the one to score ISL Most Goals definitely garners a lot of respect and attention. All the details that you need to know about the person who has the most goals in the Indian Super League are given in the article below.

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Amusingly, Mumbai City FC is one of the best teams with the most number of goals overall and that is a piece of information that you are not looking for but it’s not bad to know it either. One of the most important things that you need to know about this tournament is the name of the teams in the states of India and even though the states are not divided, the sense of competition is always alive. If you are to compare with the NBA or NFL, you will find a lot of similarities because most different states compete against each other in these sorts of tournaments. To know more about ISL’s Most Goals and the person who scored it in the last season, you should keep reading the article below.

Who scored ISL Most Goals in the 2022-23 season?

The race for the Golden Boot has been going on throughout the entire season and even though ATK Mohun Bagan FC won the tournament, the footballer who ISL scored Most Goals was from a different team. In the season 2022-23, Diego Mauricio playing for Odisha FC won the Golden Boot but the calculation for ISL Most Goals is a little more complicated than it seems. 12 total goals had been scored by 3 individuals from three different teams but all of them have played a different number of matches. Well, the number of matches does not matter as much as the number of goals and assists do. This is the exact reason why Diego Mauricio won the Golden Boot and not Cleiton Silva or Dimitro Petratos even though they have scored 12 goals each too. The key here is the number of assists and the minutes played. Dimitri Petratos played 2091 minutes while Diego Mauricio from Brazil played 1536 minutes only and managed to score the same number of goals and only 3 fewer assists. This is the reason why Diego Mauricio won the Golden Boot.

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On #6 in the list of top goal-scorers in the last season of the tournament is Bartholomew Ogbeche from Nigeria who also happens to be the person holding the record for most goals in the Indian Super League (all Seasons combined). He plays for Hyderabad FC and has ISL most Goals which is only followed by the captain of the Indian team and Bengaluru FC, Sunil Chhetri. 63 goals were scored by Bartholomew Ogbeche; on the other hand, 55 goals are to the name of Sunil Chhetri.


This was all that you needed to know about the player with ISL Most Goals and the team that he plays for. The decision-making process of the winner of Golden Boot was also explained in the article and I hope you learned a thing or two after reading it.

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