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To know about the ISL Best Goalkeeper, you have to know all the conditions under which this is decided. Well, if you have been looking for that, you are at the right place for this article that is going to give you all the information regarding the ISL Best Goalkeeper. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is the fact that this League does not only have Indian footballers which is almost impossible to pull off. There are many footballers from different countries around the world who play in the tournament because the brand value and the popularity are high. More about the tournament as well as the ISL Best Goalkeeper is given below.

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Who is the ISL Best Goalkeeper?

Golden Glove is the name of the award that the best goalkeeper gets and in the 2022-23 season of the tournament, it was Vishal Kaith who won it. This award is presented to ISL Best Goalkeeper every season and it is not very frequent that a particular goalkeeper wins it twice. That being said, it becomes kind of confusing trying to figure out who the best goalkeeper in the ISL history is. Overall statistics are supposed to be considered when this sort of question is raised. Another thing that is important to mention about Vishal Kaith is he was the goalkeeper for the winning team last season, ATK Mohun Bagan FC, and by 12 clean saves, he is above other goalkeepers by as big as a 5-goal margin which is commendable. This shows the grit and the classy performance of this youngster.

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Vishal Kaith: The Top Goalkeeper of the 2022-23 ISL Season

ISL Best Goalkeeper

In the exhilarating 2022-23 Indian Super League (ISL) season, Vishal Kaith from ATK Mohun Bagan emerged as the standout goalkeeper, securing the prestigious ISL Golden Glove award. His exceptional performance, marked by 12 clean sheets, a league-high achievement, solidified his position as the best goalkeeper of the season. Notably, Kaith showcased his shot-stopping prowess with 64 saves, ranking third among all goalkeepers.

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Kaith’s contribution proved pivotal to ATK Mohun Bagan’s triumphant campaign, culminating in their title victory. Throughout the season, he delivered crucial saves in high-stakes encounters, including the championship final against Hyderabad FC. Kaith’s ability to command his penalty area added another layer of assurance to his team’s defense.

While Kaith shone as the season’s standout goalkeeper, the ISL boasted several other noteworthy shot-stoppers:

  1. Amrinder Singh (Mumbai City FC): Amrinder Singh, a seasoned ISL campaigner, continued to display his reliability between the posts.
  2. Phurba Lachenpa (Mumbai City FC): Lachenpa showcased his skills and agility, providing strong competition in the Mumbai City FC goal.
  3. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (Bengaluru FC): Gurpreet Singh Sandhu’s reputation as one of India’s top goalkeepers remained intact with his consistent performances.
  4. Prabhsukhan Gill (Kerala Blasters FC): Gill displayed promise and the potential for a bright future with his shot-stopping abilities.
  5. Gurmeet Singh (Hyderabad FC): Gurmeet Singh added depth to the pool of talented ISL goalkeepers with his commendable displays.

While these goalkeepers are all seasoned and have showcased their abilities at a high level in the ISL, Vishal Kaith undeniably claimed the title of the season’s best goalkeeper. The ISL has witnessed a notable improvement in the quality of goalkeepers in recent years, and the league now boasts several world-class talents guarding the posts. With such talent on display, predicting the best goalkeeper in the future remains a challenging task.

As the ISL continues to evolve and attract exceptional goalkeeping talents, fans can look forward to more extraordinary feats and thrilling saves from these guardians of the goal. The journey to determine the league’s top goalkeeper is a testament to the growing stature of Indian football on the global stage.

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Indian Super League

Many consider Gurpreet Singh Sandhu as the best goalkeeper in the Indian Super League of all time. 32 clean sheets are what he has under his name and that is the second-highest number of saves in ISL history. You might now be wondering that if Gurpreet Singh Sandhu does not have the most number of clean sheets in the Indian Super League history, then who could it be? Well, the answer is Amrinder Singh. Joining the IPL in the 2015 season, he has a total of 34 clean sheets and a golden glove in the season he played for Mumbai FC for the first time. On the other hand, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu won Golden Gloves in the 2018-19 season as well as the 2019-20 season which is very rare and can put him in the debate for ISL Best Goalkeeper.

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ISL Best Goalkeeper for the last season has a long way to go before competing with the big fishes in the pool who have many clean sheets under their name, over the years. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu plays for Bengaluru FC which also has Sunil Chhetri as the team captain and the second-highest goal-scorer of all time, thus making the team power-packed. Amarinder Singh, however, became a star after joining Mumbai City FC and saving the match with incredible goal saves which is what a team expects from their goalkeepers anyway, in the first place.

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