ISL Top Scorer 2023

The Indian Super League was the 9th season of the annual football tournament. There are many things that you need to know about the Indian Super League, in general, and the last season. It is definitely not surprising when a lot of football fans around the country consider the last season to be one of the best tournaments. It also crowned a new winner which is what will be discussed in the article below, so keep reading. To know more about ISL Top Scorer 2023, this article is going to help you a lot.

ISL Top Scorers

The following is a list of the top goal scorers in the Indian Super League (ISL) all-time:

Rank Player Goals
1 Bartholomew Ogbeche 63
2 Sunil Chhetri 55
3 Ferran Corominas 48
4 Diego Mauricio 46
5 Nerijus Valskis 44
6 Roy Krishna 43
7 Marcelinho 42
8 Marco Stylianovic 41
9 Iain Hume 40
10 Miku 39

The ISL Top Scorer for the 2022-23 season is Diego Mauricio of Odisha FC, who scored 12 goals in 21 matches.

Why is it important to know the ISL Top Scorer 2023?

Well, coming straight to the point, the Indian Super League is the highest level of league competition related to football in India. In a country where a particular league tournament was already really popular, it was definitely a task to come up with something new. Contrary to the normal belief, India is not only passionate about one form of sports. Cricket may be the biggest sport in India and people may follow it very religiously but the potential for football is also huge. This is what the Indian Super League proved. Just like the IPL, many Bollywood stars and rich businessmen bought teams in the ISL. With that being noted, being ISL Top Scorer 2023 or in any other season gives a lot of boost to the career of the person receiving the award.

ISL Top Scorer

The 9th season of the Indian Super League was a treat to watch and the ISL Top Scorer 2023 was not a single person. To be precise, 3 footballers had 12 goals each in the whole season. These 3 footballers with 12 goals were:

  • Cleiton Silva- East Bengal Club
  • Diego Mauricio- Odisha FC
  • Petratos- Mohun Bagan SG

It was decided at the end of the tournament is the fact the Golden Boot was going to be presented to Diego Mauricio for his amazing display of teamwork too. Now that you know the ISL Top Scorer 2023, it is about time that you also become aware of more things regarding the tournament.

Indian Super League 2023-24

The biggest football tournament in India happens every single year. The beginning of the tournament usually happens in one of the last 3 months and that is the reason why it goes on to end within the first 3 months of the next year from the year of commencement of that season. It is not confusing and a total of 12 teams are going to compete for the championship. Just like the ISL Top Scorer 2023 got the Golden Boot award, the top scorer of the 10th season, which is the season that is going to come, will also get one. It is definitely going to be amazing to catch up with the form of certain people from the past year at also look for new prospects that would prove to be very beneficial in the near future for the history of the Indian Super League. Make sure to catch up with the new season from 22 September 2023, all the way up to March 2024. Punjab FC is going to compete in their first season of Indian Super League.

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The Golden Boots of ISL

Scoring goals is the essence of football, and ISL has witnessed some phenomenal goal-scorers over the years. These players have not only contributed to their team’s success but have also left an indelible mark on the league. Here are some of the top scorers in ISL history:

1. Ferran Corominas (FC Goa)

Popularly known as “Coro,” Ferran Corominas is one of ISL’s all-time leading scorers. He played for FC Goa and became an iconic figure for the club. Coro’s lethal finishing and ability to create chances made him a fan favorite. He won the Golden Boot in multiple seasons and showcased his exceptional football intelligence.

2. Sunil Chhetri (Bengaluru FC)

Sunil Chhetri, often referred to as the “Captain Fantastic,” is not only the leading Indian goal scorer in ISL history but also one of the top scorers overall. His leadership on and off the field, combined with his clinical finishing, has propelled Bengaluru FC to great heights in the league.

3. Marcelinho (Various Clubs)

Marcelinho has played for multiple ISL clubs, including Delhi Dynamos, FC Pune City, and Hyderabad FC. His ability to score from free kicks and create opportunities for his teammates has earned him a reputation as one of the most versatile and prolific attackers in the league.

4. Bartholomew Ogbeche (Various Clubs)

Bartholomew Ogbeche is another name that resonates with ISL goal-scoring excellence. He has plied his trade for various clubs in the league, showcasing his strength, speed, and impeccable finishing abilities.

5. Roy Krishna (ATK Mohun Bagan)

Roy Krishna, the Fijian sensation, has been a revelation for ATK Mohun Bagan. His partnership with David Williams in the attack has terrorized opposing defenses. Krishna’s agility and ability to find the net have made him a pivotal figure in the league.

The Race for the Golden Boot

The Golden Boot, awarded to the league’s top scorer each season, is a prestigious accolade that these players have coveted. Their consistent goal-scoring exploits have not only earned them personal recognition but have also propelled their respective teams to success.


ISL has witnessed some truly remarkable goal-scorers who have lit up the league with their skill, passion, and dedication. The top scorers mentioned here are not just statistics; they are the embodiment of footballing excellence. Their performances have inspired fans, elevated the league’s status, and made ISL a must-watch competition for football enthusiasts across India and beyond.


Who is the all-time leading goal scorer in ISL history?

The all-time leading goal scorer in the Indian Super League (ISL) is Ferran Corominas, commonly known as “Coro.” He played for FC Goa and left a remarkable goal-scoring legacy in the league.

Is Sunil Chhetri the top Indian goal scorer in ISL history?

Yes, Sunil Chhetri is not only the top Indian goal scorer in ISL history but also one of the leading goal scorers overall. His consistent goal-scoring record has made him a standout figure in the league.

Which player has won the Golden Boot award the most times in ISL?

Ferran Corominas holds the record for winning the Golden Boot award the most times in ISL history. His prolific goal-scoring performances earned him this prestigious accolade multiple times.

Has Marcelinho played for multiple ISL clubs?

Yes, Marcelinho has played for various ISL clubs, showcasing his versatility and goal-scoring ability with Delhi Dynamos, FC Pune City, and Hyderabad FC, among others.

Who are some of the other prolific goal scorers in ISL history?

Besides the mentioned players, Bartholomew Ogbeche and Roy Krishna have also been prolific goal scorers in ISL history, making significant contributions to their respective teams.

Is there an award for the league’s top goal scorer each season in ISL?

Yes, there is an award known as the “Golden Boot,” which is presented to the top goal scorer in the Indian Super League each season. It recognizes the player with the most goals in that particular season.

Are there any up-and-coming goal scorers to watch out for in ISL?

ISL continually attracts new talent, and there are always emerging goal-scoring talents to watch. Keep an eye on young Indian and international players who show promise in front of goal.

How can I stay updated on the latest goal-scoring statistics in ISL?

You can stay updated on the latest goal-scoring statistics in ISL through official ISL websites, sports news websites, and the official social media accounts of the league and respective clubs.

Are there any memorable goal-scoring moments in ISL history?

Yes, ISL has witnessed numerous memorable goal-scoring moments over the years. From spectacular long-range strikes to last-minute winners, these moments have added to the excitement and drama of the league.

What impact do top goal scorers have on their teams in ISL?

Top goal scorers play a crucial role in their teams’ success in ISL. Their ability to find the net consistently often determines the outcome of matches and contributes to their teams’ standings in the league.

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