ISL 2023-24 Transfer News, every done deal of ISL

ISL 2024 Transfer News: The 9th season of ISL is going to start very soon and the players also have started their high level of training. All the previous seasons were highly successful and people are hoping to make this season successful too. All the preparation is done by the management and the schedule also came for 115 matches for the whole ISL.

This year, there will be 11 teams who will participate to get the title of the Indian Super League. The format of this year is a bit changed to make the whole ISL more challenging for the clubs and their players. Many people are transferred to new teams and there will be some new faces that we will get to see this year.

The most amazing thing will be the change of format for the players. Earlier, only four teams will be able to qualify for the plays but now there will be six teams in which the top two will take advantage of reaching the semi-finals directly while the other four teams will fight for the next semi-finals. For now, let us know ISL 2023 transfer news and all the other deals.

List of 2024 Indian Super League transfers

ISL 2022-23 transfer news

ISL 2024 Transfer news

The transfers of the players are quite normal every season and again this year, we will get to know some amazing transfers of players from different clubs. Some big players are traded by the clubs to other clubs and their deal is done on per contractual basis.

ISL 2022-23 Transfer news

Some big deals in assigning new players have built the interest of the audience to watch the whole season of this ISL. Some talented youngsters are assigned from different parts of India and they will play their main role to beat their opponents.

The budget is assigned to every team and they have to do their deal on that basis only. The change in the teams will make a huge impact on new teams. So just get ready to enjoy this season of ISL with some new faces and it will be an amazing thing how they are handling the pressure. 

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That’s all about today’s article, we hope that you have an understanding of the transfer news of ISL 2023. This season will be more interesting because of the arrival of new players in the club and some changes in the team will start some rivalry between the teams.


Are any changes made in the clubs related to transfers?

Ans. Yes, the clubs have signed some new players to their teams and have also transferred their old players to the new teams.

How can I watch ISL free of cost?

Ans. Well, the broadcaster of ISL is Start Sports, so you can watch all the ISL matches on Start Sports and their HD channels. Apart from that, you can also watch matches on Disney + Hotstar.

Can I watch ISL abroad?

Ans. Yes, people in almost 200 countries can watch live ISL on their sports channels.

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